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Creators Collection FAQ

Custom Merchandise for Creators. Get your answers here!

What is the Creators Collection?

The Creators Collection is an initiative by us to showcase you, the content creators, and bring more value to you from merchandising by providing the highest quality, print-on-demand curated products, a worldwide network of manufacturers for bulk production and hosting of digital products, that meet the quality standards of the rest of your content in a semi-customizable, hosted storefront. We want to elevate the idea of custom merchandise for content creators.

How do I join the Creators Collection?

The Creators Collection is invite only. However if you think you might qualify, you can reach out to us on our contact page with inquiries.
We do occasionally post about looking for new creators on our social media accounts also!

A close up of fabric and color swatches for apparel manufacture.

What types of products can I have in my store?

Pretty much anything you can think of. We do our best to find the best solution for your merch dreams. We will take your ideas and present you with most viable options for accomplishing them and work with you to choose the best option for you.

How much do I get paid when I sell a product?

We do our best to provide products to you nearest the production cost as possible. Each category of product is subject to a different profit split as listed below. The higher number of the split always goes to the you, the creator.
Digital Assets: 90/10
POD Products: 70/30
Bulk Production/Warehouse: 50/50

A close up of a tee shirt with the hovercat logo printed on the back of the neck. Sample image for custom merchandise

When and how will I receive payment for merchandise sold?

We have a payout threshold of $10 USD, which is to compensate for loss of capital to processing fees with lots of little payouts. You will receive a bulk payment for all sales in one month up to two weeks after said month to a designated Pay Pal account you provide during sign up.

Can you make designs for me?

While we can help with basic design and layout, we cannot do a full graphics from the ground up at the moment. In the future we hope to be able to offer this service.

Can I have things in my store that I ship?

Absolutely! If you want to sell a product that we don’t currently support, we can list them in your store for you and send you notifications and details when you make a sale! We classify these products as Digital Assets so they’ll be subject to the 90/10 profit split.

Can I purchase my own merch for myself or for giveaways?

Yes! Since we provide all products to you at as close to production cost as possible, you can purchase your own merch for less than what we list it for on your storefront!

-Logan | Updated 11/23/2021