COVID-19 Related Delays

Many of our lives have been flipped around in recent months by the sudden pandemic. We at Hovercat Apparel are not without our own difficulties. Much of the our supply chain has been heavily affected by stay at home orders and social distancing. This results in many unfortunate delays in manufacturing and shipping of our products. We’ve listed some of the expected processing and manufacturing times for our products below:

Direct To Garment

Tees, Hoodies, Crop Tops, etc
16-20 Days

All Over Print

Tees, Hoodies, Crop Tops, Leggings, etc
15-30 Days


Hats, Tees, Hoodies, etc
16-20 Days


Stickers, Mugs, Body Pillows, etc
9-12 Days


Unfortunately, those estimates above don’t even include shipping times. We’re also seeing a huge increase in shipping time. Some countries have placed a hold on import/export traffic making delivery in and out of those countries very slow. Expect that the shipping times shown at checkout are a inaccurate and are faster than what’s to be expected in these times.

We very much appreciate all of the support we’ve still been receiving during these trying times. And we know that the content creators that rely on us are also very happy to be able to continue providing quality merch to you right now! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us on our contact page here. And we will keep this page updated with any changes that may happen.