About Hovercat

Our Origins

Brothers Logan and Ronan Pickell founded Hovercat Apparel in 2016 as a passion project. Coming from a software development background, the brothers were heavily influenced by user interface design. It then grew out of their interest in minimalist design philosophies, where they applied them to apparel design. The name of the company has a dubious origin. It comes from the old hovercat meme, from an internet time long past. It wasn’t until 2018 that the brothers decided to take the passion project to full time business.

About Hovercat - The name is a meme.
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requesting purrmissions to land.

The Hovercat Aesthetic

Everything we create has inspiration and guidance by many eastern philosophies. One such concept is Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese view that imperfection is beautiful. In addition, the idea of Ma (間), the Japanese word for negative space, giving value to what exists “in between” the design. Hence our deliberate use of negative space in our Horizons line. Many other concepts leak in, such as Danshari, Ikagai and Feng Shui. Of course our own cat head logo comes from the lucky cats of Japan(and also our own in house black cat, Zoey, whose portrait was used reference for the logo).

About Hovercat - Eastern design philosophies.
Wabi-Sabi believes that visibly repairing a broken object is what makes it beautiful and shows its character, they call it kinstukuroi: “to repair with gold”.

The Creators Collection

The Creator’s Collection was not one of the original goals. From interacting on Twitch.tv, Youtube and several other content platforms, Co-Founder Logan saw there was a need for a new merchandising option. The choices for content creators were slim. If you’re a content creator you had two main options. Your first option is a full, self service platform, then the other option is to bulk manufacture, which requires a much higher upfront cost. With this in mind, the Creators Collection began. We strive for a happy medium between the two extremes. We mix all of the perks of made to order products and full service design and sales assistance. As a result this creates a new, better choice for custom merchandise and apparel for content creators. Our creators range in all forms of content creation, be sure to support them! https://hovercat.com/creators-collection/

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